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7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.

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7-Zip is a completely free data compression and decompression software, supporting and compressing and decompressing photos, programs, folders, videos, audio, games easily and quickly. The files after compression have a low capacity to save storage space.

7-Zip is rated as the best free compression and decompression utility today. Even when compared to popular commercial software like WinRAR or WinZip, 7-Zip is not inferior. Good feature, integrated into the Context menu (right-click menu) along with intuitive interface makes 7-Zip very easy to use.


7-Zip uses LZMA. Decompression technology, which allows to compress files much smaller than the original file but still retain the file quality. 7-Zip can read most types of compressed files today, including 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, WIM, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR, Z.

In addition, 7-Zip supports its own 7z format, which in comparison makes its compression ratio much higher than Zip compression with WinZip. 7-Zip supports the creation of self-extracting exe file like WinRAR, and has the function of splitting the compressed file into several smaller compressed files.

7-Zip is developed completely free and open source; You do not need to register to use or pay any fee to use.

7-Zip can both unzip and listen to music, watch movies or edit documents without any problems. At the same time, you can enable the program to automatically turn off the program after the compression or decompression process is complete.

If you do not like installing 7Zip on your computer, you can download the 7-Zip Portable kit used to compress files and extract files immediately without having to install cumbersome. The benefit of using the Portable kit is that you can take it and use it on any computer if needed.

The main feature of 7 Zip

- High compression ratio in 7z format (LZMA and LZMA2 compression standards).

- Supported formats:

+ Compress / Decompress: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM.

+ Only supports decompression: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z. For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio of 2-10%, better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip.

- AES-256 strong encryption in 7z and ZIP format.

- Self-extracting for 7z format.

- Integrate with Windows Shell.

- Good File Management support.

- Powerful command line version.

- Plugin for FAR Manager.

- Localize 87 different languages.

Update to the latest 7-zip: 7-Zip 20.00 alpha

- 7-zip now supports the new option of finding suitable options for LZMA / LZMA2: bt5 and hc5 compressors that can work faster than bt4 and hc4 for data with abundant redundancy.

- Improve compression ratio for the fastest possible compression level with the following default settings:

+ Fastest level (-mx1): Find hc5 combination with 256KB directory.

+ Quick level (-mx3): Find hc5 combination with 4MB directory.

- Optimize small speeds in the multi-threaded LZMA / LZMA2 compressors for Normal /

- Maximum / Ultra compression levels.

- The bzip2 decode code has been updated to support the bzip2 archive, created by the lbzip2 program.

- Fix some bugs.

- New language: Turkmen.

- 7-Zip works in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2016 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT.

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Link Type System Size Description

Version 20.00 alpha

.exe 32-bit x86 1.2 MB 7-Zip for 32-bit Windows. Version 20.00 alpha (2020-02-06)

Version 20.00 alpha

.exe 64-bit x64 1.5 MB 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows. Version 20.00 alpha (2020-02-06).

Version 19.00

.exe 32-bit x86 1.4 MB 7-Zip for 32-bit Windows. Version 19.00 (2019-02-21).

Version 19.00

.exe 64-bit x64 1.4 MB 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows. Version 19.00 (2019-02-21).